Yammer RSE Integration

Using this new feature now available in the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite integration, you can now connect your enterprise Social Network to your LMS, with now a new ability to create discussions from the LMS around training topics and post them seamlessly within the ESN without any hurdle between both systems. Exchanges are smoother, faster and considerably valued training content. This integration is a great way to enhance knowledge sharing among employees and to identify the best practices while reinforcing the proximity between HR, L&D and learners.



About the provider

Yammer, Inc. is a freemium enterprise social networking service that was launched in 2008 and sold to Microsoft in 2012 for US$1.2 billion. Used for private communication within organizations, it is an example of enterprise social software. The tool was originally developed as an internal communication system for the genealogy website Geni. Access to a Yammer network is determined by a user’s Internet domain so that only individuals with appropriate email addresses may join their respective networks.

Yammer CrossKnowledge


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