Technomédia offers integrated solutions for global talent management. At the forefront of the industry, these solutions enable organizations to improve their results by unifying the collaboration processes between employees, managers and new candidates. The interface of the tool Technomedia the CrossKnowledge platform brings clear added value within an organization to the extent that it provides a comprehensive solution talents enabling them personal development. Thus, we have a software suite that career management is directly linked to the spread of education in a group.


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Since their founding in 1996, Technomedia’s mission has been to help organizations improve talent management and gain access to expertise across the talent lifecycle. Technomedia has a rich international heritage and strong U.S. presence and supports hundreds of multinational customers that span across industries and geographies with the average customer employee size of 36,000. Many organizations around the world to trust their solution to simplify and align talent management with their business objectives.


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