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Drillster has been integrated with the CrossKnowledge platform since 2013. The integration includes single sign for the users and the use of the Drillster player within the CrossKnowledge environment. In addition, users can use the Drillster iOS and Android apps.

Drillster is an adaptive and interactive learning and testing application. Drillster uses self-learning algorithm, based on scientific research. By keeping track of what each individual user has memorized, what she/he has answered correctly or incorrectly and when the material was last seen, Drillster determines the optimal order and frequency of practice questions at an individual level. This results in users absorbing more in less time, and retaining the information longer.

Business case

Together with the financial training experts of Dukers & Baelemans, an organization that uses the CrossKnowledge platform as the leading online training platform for its online training offering, Drillster designed an adaptive learning program for the Act on Financial Supervision. This online training was selected by companies like Rabobank, Nationale Nederlanden, VGZ, Menzis and Manpower as the tool via which tens of thousands of employees should prepare for their exam.

Assessment based learning techniques, direct feedback (microlearning) and smart repetition based on Drillster’s adaptive algorithm were applied to boost the efficiency for the learners.

Result: over 30 million questions were processed via the system in a year time. Over 30,000 users prepared their exam with the Dukers & Baelemans and Drillster solution which saved them over 40% on study time. The exam results of the organizations that selected the Dukers&Baelemans training offer were significantly higher than market average.

About the provider

Drillster is an EdTech company that developed a unique answer to any knowledge management and retention issue. The learning tool is based on a unique algorithm that modifies the order and frequency of the learning items. This leads to easier learning and longer retention. The unique and innovative element of Drillster is its ability to calculate how and when knowledge declines if it is not maintained.
Drillster sends the user a notification, just before he tends to forget. The user can easily brush up on his knowledge. Knowledge is always kept up-to-date. Permanent education can now be demonstrated and has become easy to manage.

The platform was officially launched under the name of Drillster in 2011, in the Netherlands. Its main aim was to become a smart interactive learning system which would increase and maintain knowledge among collaborators of any organization.

Drillster’s adaptive learning and testing technology is used for the permanent education of companies like Rabobank, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Oracle, LCL and others. The service includes adaptive learning and testing, but also location-based learning services


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