Drillster – Easy learning, better retention

Drillster has been integrated with the CrossKnowledge platform since 2013. The integration includes single sign for the users and the use of the Drillster player within the CrossKnowledge environment. In addition, users can use the Drillster iOS and Android apps.

Drillster is a whole new way of learning. With technology, science, data and a smart algorithm all wrapped up into one single application. Drillster offers adaptive learning resulting in 40% faster learning and at least 10% better learning results. Unique is Drillster’s capacity to calculate how and when knowledge declines. You can brush up on your knowledge, just before it tends to decline.

What can Drillster do for you?

Do you want to reduce risk in the workplace? Do your staff need to have top-of-mind knowledge year-round? Get a greater return on learning that you can measure in real time? Reduce the costs of your continuous learning program?

Drillster enables you to solve a wide range of business issues. We have successful results in many different areas: compliance, product knowledge, onboarding, safety, languages, competency training, lifelong learning, distant learning, etc…

And following results are expected in all cases:

● Up-to-date and top-of-mind knowledge, year-round
● new staff is trained in less time
● 40% more efficient and 10% more effective learning
● Just-in-time learning: the right knowledge and competencies for the right person at the right time
● Demonstrability of past, current and future proficiency
● Microlearning and gamification leads to improved learner engagement
● increased return on learning
● considerable cost savings compared to traditional training programs

Result: over 30 million questions were processed via the system in a year time. Over 30,000 users prepared their exam with the Dukers & Baelemans and Drillster solution which saved them over 40% on study time. The exam results of the organizations that selected the Dukers&Baelemans training offer were significantly higher than market average.

A new way of learning

But how do you make that happen? Drillster found the answers to these questions in the learning psychology. We combined this with today’s technology and hey presto, Drillster was born.
A unique and differentiating aspect of Drillster compared to any other method is that Drillster prevents your knowledge and competencies from declining. The Drillster app sends you a reminder so you can brush up your knowledge, exactly when you need to. This way, you always have the right knowledge at the right time. Drillster learns from you, for you and with you.

Drillster’s adaptive learning and testing technology is used for the permanent education of companies like Rabobank, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Oracle, LCL and others. The service includes adaptive learning and testing, but also location-based learning services


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