A-Select (SSO)

Developed at the initiative of SurfNet and used in pilot projects, A -Select manages authentication intra and inter-company. The architecture allows multiple “connectors” local or remote authentication (Radius, LDAP, …) and several authentication methods (password, OTP, certificates, …).Authentication via A-Select allows the customer to manage his own authentication system, its maintenance and the rights of access to services CrossKnowledge.


About the provider

SURFnet was established in 1986 and in 1989, and started supplying IP connectivity services, deploying the TCP/IP suite. SURFnet, the sixth generation of the SURFnet network, was taken into operation at the beginning of 2006. This network provides the 750,000 users in higher education and research with Internet facilities, and also provides them with “lightpaths”, which are direct connections between two network nodes without the need for routers. SURFnet presently provides services on all network layers, including authentication services. The company collaborates with a number of organisations, both regionally and internationally, including the pan-European research network DANTE, TERENA, Kennisnet and GLORIAD.



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