• Integration Services

CrossKnowledge Scorm Connectors

CrossKnowledge presents you with two different types of connectors : 1. The first one is the CrossKnowledge « Scorm Learning Path Connector » interface with the LMS CrossKnowledge clients. It models and references CrossKnowledge courses as SCORM module in the LMS client, allowing access to the to details of his courses on the LMS…

CrossKnowledge WebServices API

The CrossKnowledge Learning Suite has the largest API library on the market, making it possible to run simultaneous operations with other platforms. Web Services are related to information gathered about learners, users, courses, training sessions, learning content, completions and enrolments/allocations.   Request a demo

CrossKnowledge Module I/O

CrossKnowledge Learning Suite has two generic import/export modules used to carry out data transfers in both directions, from the HRIS to the platform and vice-versa. The customer places files (csv, xls, txt etc.) in locations defined in agreement with CrossKnowledge and scheduled tasks process these files at regular intervals. These tools have features that…

CrossKnowledge (SSO)

CrossKnowledge SSO (Single Sign On) are links for e-mails which allow users to access content or training in a single click with automatic authentication. There is no need to enter a user login or password, as the user is automatically recognized and logged in.