CrossKnowledge Hub: integration under Control

CrossKnowledge applies its deep and innovative technological capabilities to simplify the often complex and confusing communication between a digital learning platform and a company’s varied content and learning solutions.

All of the different tools your company uses to enhance sharing and collaboration and increase productivity can talk with each other and become interconnected and accessible through the use of 50 connectors available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

CrossKnowledge integration capabilities provide the tools you need to:

Expand your knowledge base by integrating content libraries

Libraries and content created in the CrossKnowledge Digital Publishing Platform; content from any of myriad external publishers; content in the CrossKnowledge Content Library.

Expand in a snap your knowledge base by integrating content libraries.

Enrich your LMS experience by integrating learner tracking, collaborative services, social networks, and video platforms

Video content; social network sharing; business intelligence programs; virtual classroom modules and courses.

The most open platform on the market : 32 standard plug ins and more than 50 web services (API)

Easily interface the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite with other SaaS platforms

Intranets; talent management systems; learning systems; CRMs. Easily integrates with third-parties through the Hub without hidden costs.

Plug and Play : just configuration, no code.
2.Reliable and Stable Natively built for SAAS Solutions with some back Up Recovery built within the Hub.
The brand new integration platform earned a Silver Award in ‘Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology’ category for their powerful integration capacity.