About the Integration

Founded in 2014, Klaxoon es named a CES 2016 Innovations Software and Mobile Apps Honoree, the new Klaxoon interactivity tool changes the way businesses and educational institutions present, collaborate, and share knowledge.
The purpose of the integration is to use Klaxoon activities inside a training event created within the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite.
Like using a virtual classroom, just copy paste the URL for your learners and you’re good to go!

This box has been created to improve the interactions between collaborators and make it more lively and also has been tested with enterprises including l’Oréal or Schneider Electric. “To work, Klaxoon box doesn’t need internet, all participants can join with their own device table, computer, smartphone”.
With Klaxoon, bring the digital into the physical world and change the learning experiences of your learners.


About the provider

Klaxoon propose twenty news ways to interact with your participants! This software is full of good ideas to make interactivities inside a group easier. On your purpose, you can propose simple activities, fun and effective: Quiz, survey, live, brainstorming, Adventure, …

Quiz: The Quiz is a set of questions used for assessing the participants. 9 types are available: MCQ, Fill the gaps, drag-and-drop, etc. The collective results are displayed in the Klaxoon Timeline on the main screen, whereas the individual results are displayed on each terminal.

Survey: The Survey is used to find out the views of the participants using 4 types of questions: MCQ, SCQ, Comment and Rating.

Brainstorming: Participants to come up with ideas on virtual sticky notes, then share them on the main screen for the session where they can be classified and commented on.

Adventure: The Adventure puts participants in competition with one another through a journey comprising several steps. Each step has a screen with theoretical aspects (images and texts) and one or more questions that enable them to score points.

LiveChallenge: The participants answer a Find the Word type Quiz question.

LiveVote: The participants answer an SCQ type survey question. The result of the survey appears directly in the Klaxoon Timeline on the main screen.

LiveStorm: The participants enter keywords in order to respond to a question or topic. These words form a ‘cloud’ that is displayed directly in the Animation space.



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